Student of the Month


Today, at school our student of the month was announced. I was so proud of my class. As soon as they heard who the student of the month was they immediately congratulated her and started chanting her name.

I heard multiple students say  Congratulations, your awesome, I’m so proud of you!”

Not one students was upset or said “ Why wasn’t I chosen? Instead they were all proud of their classmates accomplishment.

I have always stressed the importance of speaking with good purpose and being kind to one another. It was amazing to see how using a few kind words made this students entire day.

Happy Tuesday!


My First Slice

slice of life_individual

This is my first Slice of Life post ever and I am already unsure what to write about. Writing for the next 30 days will defiantly be a challenge for me.

I am a first year teacher in a kindergarten classroom and I love it! I have already learned so much and cant wait to see what this new month brings.I know I will have a  busy month ahead, but am looking forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone and connecting with all of you.